“My Good Works Outweigh My Bad”

Do you believe that God is going to “weigh you in” in order to decide whether you get to enter Heaven? God says that it is, “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us.” (Titus 3:5 kjv)

So do you believe God’s word or your own?

Is This Idea Logical?
The idea that we can do good works and cancel out our sins just doesn’t make sense. Did your parents operate on that idea? If you punched your brother or sister in the face, did your parent say, “Well, you are good more often than bad, so I won’t punish you for punching your sister in the nose.”

Think about it. Even in the case of something as small as a parking ticket. If you were to go to court and fight it, the judge would establish the evidence and then ask for your defense. If you looked at him and said, “Well Judge, I did violate the law. However, I have parked legally for 20 years. Before this ticket I had NEVER gotten a parking ticket! So, can’t you just let this slide?”

The judge will reply, “No.” He’ll pronounce you guilty, fine you and slam the gavel.

Why? Those accused of breaking the law are either convicted or acquitted based on the EVIDENCE of the crime, not on your past record. And if you would not expect an earthly judge to overlook a crime based on your other “good works”, why would you expect a holy God to do this on Judgment Day? Especially when He said He would NOT do this in His very Word that we have in our possession to read for ourselves today?

A Price Too High To Gamble With
What is most disturbing to me is that so many people seem to take their eternal destiny so lightly and are willing to gamble on their own ideas, rather than basing their faith in the Creator who authored the Holy Bible. The reader is free to gamble if he or she chooses. But I will no. And I cannot imagine that any sane person would do so. But they do.

How about you? Will you gamble your eternal soul on the idea of working your way to Heaven, when God says you will be sorely disappointed if you do? That is your choice. Trust your own works, or trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross as He paid the full price for sin. He was buried and three days later, arose from the grave in the same body in which He had died on the Cross.

Lay Aside Your Own Efforts
God loves you and died for you. Accept His love sacrifice on the Cross.

Jesus has the power to raise His own body from the grave and He can raise you in the last day, too. If you will put aside your own efforts at gaining salvation and trust only in His death, burial and resurrection then you will have eternal life.


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